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Health and Wellness Counseling is an exciting and proven innovation in healthcare and nutrition.


Much of modern medicine today focuses on specialties. For each problem you go to a different doctor. It’s almost as though we believe our body parts are separate, independent – disconnected. But obviously they are not! 

I help my clients understand how seemingly unrelated body parts or issues are affecting one another.  We work step-by-step to get rid of your aches and pains, make you feel happy in your body and achieve your health goals.

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I help people with various chronic health conditions understand the root causes of their issues and heal inside out by upgrading their nutrition and lifestyle.

                Want to see how it may work for you?

Optimal health is not complicated!

Maximize the good stuff. Put in your body what it needs to function and heal: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein, healthy fats

Minimize the bad stuff. Take out what’s harmful: toxins, Infections, allergens, and stress

Then, get out of the way. Create an environment for healing: sleep, rest, laughter/stress reduction, meaningful relationships

And the body will heal itself naturally.

The problem is that we struggle to do these things consistently, and the result is chronic disease in the body...


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